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What You Need to Know WHEN CHOOSING a Solar InstallerWith the summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start looking for a house solar energy system. Before you scroll through the telephone book to find the amount of a local solar professional, there are a number of important considerations that you must take into account to get the right solar installer for your solar powered energy system project. Knowing what top solar companies to ask could make the difference between a thrilling journey into renewable energy and an endless stream of problems with your new solar technology system.How many solar energy systems have you installed?Ask if the professional has experience with grid tie or off grid solar technology systems. Also, ask if the installer does mostly solar panel residential or commercial systems. This might indicate that the contractor has a history of involvement with the industry and is familiar with many different brands and components.What can you recommend for my property?As a potential solar client, keep your interests in advance. If a solar contractor arrives at your door, communicate your interest in going solar, and find out what they recommend for a solar powered energy system on your property. Chances are you already have a site selected - but discover what your contractor recommends before showing your hand. In this manner, you'll concur that the installer recognizes the importance of site selection. If they show up with out a solar pathfinder or SunEye at hand - try someone else! The main decision of a solar energy system is selection of a niche site.Do solar power companies have any formal trained in home solar energy installations?A good installer will be one that has received extensive training. For best solar companies , many solar panel manufacturers offer continuing education classes to solar contractors. These classes help familiarize the contractors with the intricacies of these unique solar energy systems. You should ask a potential installer whether they received formal training with the particular brand of solar equipment you desire to buy.Do you have any certifications?Several national and state organizations, just like the THE UNITED STATES Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP), offer certification programs to greatly help distinguish capable professionals. The NABCEP board specifically holds its installers for some of the highest standards, and several states now require homeowners to use a NABCEP-certified installer before they are able to take part in financial incentive programs. NABCEP's on-line Installer Locator makes it easy to locate a certified professional in your area.

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